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Topic: Reducing Hospital Re-Admission Rates

Guests: Dr. Patricia Hines |Dr. Bonnie Bardnt-Maglio / Camden Group


Topic: Interventions that Work

Guest: Linda Hamacher CEO Genessee Health Plan of Michigan


Topic: Fraud Prevention through Enrollment

Medicaid Innovations Fraud Panel


Topic: Improving Member Outcomes

Care Management Panel Discussion

Topic: Reducing Cost and Improving Quality

Guest: Tom Reilly VP of Health Solutions MyHealthDirect

Listen in as we interview Tom Reilly VP of Health Solutions with MyHealthDirect about some innovative solutions in scheduling and how they are making a difference for Medicaid participants and health plans.

2012 Medicaid Conference Review

Guest: David Kumpf, CEO Optimetra, Linda Hamacher, CEO GHP MI, Karen Parker, Dir Bureau of Medicaid Financial Management State of Michigan

Join us as Medicaid Matters kicks off the New Year with an overview of the BEST Medicaid events being offered in 2012. During the show we will check in with the Conference Chairperson and a few of the outstanding guest speakers that will be presenting at the first Medicaid event of the year, The Medicaid Innovations Forum. Held in Orlando FL on February 8th and 9th this even is sure to set the bar high. directors.

Play 1. State-Medicaid-Director-Spotlight.mp3

Medicaid Dental: How Does Medicaid Cover Dental Care? – Oct 11,2011Tuesday, October 11, 2011 1:00 PMLow income dental care is essential to raising the quality of health for Medicaid recipients. Finding the dentist that accept Medicaid coverage must be integrated in every care plan. Join me and my guests Dr. Richard Hague, D.M.D. and Dr. Brian Benjamin, D.D.S. of Liberty Dental Plans as we discuss Medicaid dental care and their approach to providing Medicaid dental.

Play 2. Medicaid-Dental-How-Does-Medicaid-Cover-Dental-Care.mp3

Medicaid Business in Focus: CFO Forum LIVE BROADCAST
Monday, September 26, 2011 1:00 PM
Join us for this special LIVE BROADCAST from the “Medicaid Business in Focus: CFO Forum” at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington VA! This conference is a gathering of Medicaid and managed care executives representing all areas of Medicaid health care. Well be talking with many of the conference presenters, organizers, and participants. These live interviews will give you up-to-date Medicaid managed care information. Topics on the agenda include: Whats New in Medicaid? The Future of Medicaid Managed Care The New Federal Coordinated Health Care Office Medicaid Compliance PPACA: The Impact to Medicaid Plans (ACO’s) Medicaid Directors Panel EHR Incentive Payments.

Play 3. Medicaid-Business-in-Focus-CFO-Forums-Live-Broadcast.mp3

Top 10 Resources for Information About Medicaid
September 13, 2011 1:00 PM
The Medicaid business is changing fast. Some have even described it as chaotic. Even the most seasoned Medicaid business pros have questions about Medicaid rules and regulations. There are many sources of information on Medicaid. Everything from Medicaid news to Medicaid rules and regulations are posted on the web. The real question is where to go for the best resources about the business of Medicaid? In this episode we review the Top 10 Resources for Information About Medicaid as suggested by our listeners. Some may be familiar to you, others might be new. Call us during the live show to let us know about your best sources of information on Medicaid. Medicaid Matters Talk Show is a service provided by Managed Medicaid Services.

Play 4. Top-10-Resources-for-Information-About-Medicaid.mp3

Topic: Medicaid Specialty Care-Building a Network of Providers

Guest: Roland Lamy, VP of Payer Relations Hemophilia Alliance
It can be hard enough find a Medicaid provider who will accept patients for routine care. There are signs that Medicaid provider enrollment is on the decline as fewer and fewer Medicaid provider applications are filed. Sometimes it takes work to find a Medicaid provider for just “routine care”. But what if you need a Medicaid dental provider, a Medicaid oncology provider, or even something more rare like hemophilia? Creating a provider network that truly serves all the health needs of the Medicaid population is difficult. New approaches to provider reimbursements and network development are needed. Join us for this show as Roland Lamy, VP of Payer Relations for Hemophilia Alliance, talks with us about how networks for specialty care are built and sustained.

Play 5. Medicaid-Specialty-Care-Building-a-Netowrk-of-Providers.mp3

“Medicaid is Worse Than No Coverage At All”
Tuesday, August 16, 2011 1:00 PM
This title recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal. It is also the conclusion of a study about Medicaid coverage plans completed by The Heritage Foundation. Do you believe this is true? Will this be the case under new Medicaid health care provisions? How is economy going to impact this conclusion? This is a show you’ll want to hear. Have your questions and comments ready and call live to give us your opinion. A guest from The Heritage Foundation is scheduled join our show and tell us why they reached this conclusion. Well also learn what they believe can be done to correct Medicaid.

Play 6. Medicaid-is-Worse-Than-No-Coverage-At-All.mp3

Patient Centered Medical Home – Managed Care or Better Care?
Tuesday, August 02, 2011 1:00 PM
What is Patient Centered Medical Home for the Medicaid population? Does PCMH reduce hospital re-admissions? Is the home healthcare agency the frontline for PCMH? How are NCQA standards integrated? A lot of buzz is in the Medicaid industry about PCMH. Health reform and he effects PCMH has on Medicaid expense is a hot issue. Join me and Dr. Thomas A. Raskauskas MD, Chief Medical Officer at Health Plan of Michigan. We are going explore how Dr. Raskauskas and Health Plan of Michigan established a successful PCMH model.

Play 7. Patient-Centered-Medical-Home-Managed-Care-or-Better-Care.mp3

Are Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) Good Business?
Tuesday, July 19, 2011 1:00 PM
In health care dollars drive delivery. How healthcare is provided is the result of financial incentives and disincentives. Medicaid is no different. Join me and my guest Greg Mertz of the Healthcare Strategy Group when we discuss he business case for Accountable Care Organization. Says Greg “Accountable care is little different from the capitation models of the 1980’s…” Be a part of the conversation and learn why the ACO model will it work now and how to get compliance from a population with no financial ‘skin” in the game.

Play 8. Are-Accountable-Care-Organizations-ACO-Good-Business.mp3

Medicaid Matters Independence Day Show!

Happy Independence Day! Our special pre-recorded show will feature the highlights of recent shows that sparked the most interest. What is the future of Medicaid? Can you really contain Medicaid costs? Is your organization adopting the new Medicaid strategies? Join me and a sampling of past guests to hear how they answered these questions.

Play 9. Medicaid-Matters-Independence-Day-Show.mp3

Medicaid Cost Containment: Does it Really Work?

Join me and our guest Paul Gionfriddo for this insightful and controversial discussion of Medicaid Cost Containment. Paul recently remarked, “…I believe that most cost containment measures have had the unintended, perverse consequence of raising Medicaid costs.” With over 30+ years, he has presented state policy viewpoint at APHA, National Conference of State Legislators, National Center for Health Statistics, CDC, National Association of County and City Health Officials, Association of State and Territorial Health Officers, National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health, AHRQ, and practitioner viewpoints at Grantmakers in Health, RWJ, Annie E Casey conferences and other venues. This will be a perspective few have heard!

Play 10. Medicaid-Cost-Containment-Does-it-Really-Work.mp3

Medicaid Business Strategy: Survival and Success

Medicaid is a $470 billion market, serving 60 million Americans, and growing by 8% annually. By the decades end Medicaid will add another 20+ million under health reform and reach nearly 100 million enrollees. Medicaid is the nation’s most complex, fastest growing health program. Changes in Medicaid are creating new business opportunities for health systems, health plans, drug and device manufacturers, information technology firms, and long-term care providers. What are the new Medicaid business opportunities? What strategies are essential to survive and succeed in the new Medicaid? Join us live as Medicaid consultant and industry expert Kip Piper discusses the answers to these questions and his new book “Medistrategy”.

Play 11. Medicaid-Business-Strategy-Survival-and-Success.mp3

The State of Medicaid Health Care Today

Has there ever been more news and talk about Medicaid health care? Medicaid health care reform is at the center of the federal budget debate. What is best – block grants or single rate matches? Will Medicaid expansion still grow as projected? What are the best practices in Medicaid insurance? Join host Richard Yadon as he talks with Thomas Johnson, President & CEO of Medicaid Health Plans of America, about these and other Medicaid health care issues. Thomas L. Johnson serves as President and CEO of the Medicaid Health Plans of America, a Washington-DC-based trade association representing Medicaid health plans. Mr. Johnson is also the Founder and President of the MHPA Center for Best Practices. Mr. Johnson previously served as Vice President of DC Chartered Health Plan. Mr. Johnson’s health care experience also served as President of the DC Hospital Association, and with the Medical Society of the District of Columbia.

Play 12. The-State-of-Medicaid-Health-Care-Today.mp3

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