HR Professionals: Ready for 2010?

With the coming of the new year HR professionals and strategic business leaders need to be ready for these changes:

1) Employers will be more careful about who they hire.  They will be looking to add people who can clearly demonstrate one or a combination of the following:
– A unique combination of skill and experience not otherwise found in the typical candidate.
– People who can demonstrate tangible, quantifiable accomplishments in difficult situations.
– People who have achieved progressive levels of responsibility AT THEIR CURRENT COMPANY, not changing companies for promotions.

2) Employers won’t be taking chances on unknown candidate variables.  They will spend more time and effort profiling their jobs. They won’t rely on old job descriptions.  They will be benchmarking candidates against the known performers now at their company.  Structured and consistent interview processes will also be used.

3) Finally, employers will need to embrace the multi-generational dynamics of the current workforce.  This will require vastly different approaches to recruiting, selecting, developing and retaining their employees.

Start taking the steps today to implement these changes.  Your profitability and competitive edge will depend on it!