Integrated Care Management|Robert Mendonsa CEO Atena

Join Medicaid Matters on March 27th as we take a look at Integrated Care Management.  We are honored to have Robert Mendonsa CEO Of Atena Better Health in Illinois as our guest.


Robert Mendonsa, CEO AetnaRobert Mendonza Bio
As chief executive officer of Aetna Better Health in Illinois, Robert Mendonsa’s primary responsibilities
include overseeing health plan staff and establishing and maintaining a system for reviewing, assessing and
implementing the state contract.
In addition, he is responsible for the implementation and execution of the health plan’s Integrated
Management Care program. Mr. Mendonsa has had a long career with Aetna. He began as a sales manager in 1991 and, since then, has held six positions in three states. Prior to his current role, he was president of small and middle markets for the 16-state North Central Region. Based in Chicago, he was responsible for profit and loss for health insurance products sold to employers with 2 to 3,000 workers. Before re-joining Aetna, Mr. Mendonsa was the chief financial and administrative officer at Association House of Chicago, a 110-year-old social service institution dedicated to improving the lives of the neediest.Throughout his career, Mr.Mendonsa has devoted a significant amount of time to public service causes.

He has served as chair of the American Heart Association,Community Health, a free clinic on Chicago’s west side, and the Aetna Foundation Regional Grants Council. Mr. Mendonsa earned a master’s degree in business from the University
of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California,Los Angeles.