Linda Hamacher CEO Genesse Health Plan

Listen to the recording (below) of this informative discussion with Linda Hamacher (BIO)  about the changing face of Medicaid. Ms. Hamacher plans on sharing highlights of a recent presentation made at the Medicaid Innovations Forum.

Genesee Health Plan (GHP) is a community-based non-profit that provides primary care & other basic services to 27,000 low-income, uninsured adults in Genesee County, Michigan, one of the most economically depressed areas of the U.S. The Genesee Health Plan is the only local one in Michigan that is funded directly by the community through a special millage. The plan reduced its enrollee’s’ use of emergency department services by 51% and hospital admissions by 15% between 2006-2007. The success of the Genesee Health Plan has demonstrated that any community–even one with scare resources–can provide basic, affordable health services to uninsured adults.

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