Senate proposes extending ARRA’s Medicaid assistance

Although the expanse of health care reform may have been trimmed back, Medicaid expansion is still a centerpiece and likely to be included in any final legislation.¬† Medicaid Managed Care organization’s will have a tremendous financial, logistic, and staffing issues to resolve when the wave of Medicaid enrollments start.¬† With government, market, and public relations pressuring MCO margins, companies need to start today preparing their most valuable resource – their professional talent.

Here are specific steps Medicaid MCOs need to do now:

  1. Listen to our recent webinar about this topic at your next management meeting.  You can access a recording on our website by clicking here.
  2. Identify the key positions in your care management department that will shelter you from this storm.
  3. Assess your Talent Equity against benchmarks.
  4. Contrast your readiness against company goals and objectives for 2010.
  5. Fill or upgrade the positions where you have gaps.

These steps will allow MCOs to place their human capital into the right roles for the right reasons.  Companies will see increased productivity, avoid burn-out, and surge ahead of their competition.

Let us know if we can help facilitate these steps in the process.

Heres a link to the article from Healthcare Finance News