The Personal 360 Degree Feedback

Everyone wants to know how they are doing at work. We have performance appraisals, goals, incentives, etc… all to help us keep score.  But often these measures don’t tell us the real story.  As a corporate leader you might excel in your business goals, but have a failing grade in your long-term strategy.  This could be especially true if your long-term strategy does not include upgrading and topgrading your team.  Here is a quick “360” checklist to assess how you‘re doing:

  1. Have you profiled the key jobs in your company or department?
  2. Do you truly understand the success metrics of each job?
  3. Have you benchmarked your key jobs against your best performers?
  4. Have you stopped asking interviewing questions based on a person’s resume?
  5. Have you implemented independent, third-party assessment tools?
  6. Would you classify all the potential candidates you’ve interviewed as ‘top talent’?
  7. Have you identified and started to develop your replacement?
  8. Are you spending time each week on a retention strategy?
  9. Does your on-boarding for new hires last throughout their entire first year?
  10. Have you integrated your Millennial generation hires into cross-generational teams?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions then you have some work to do.  Traditional management and hiring is gone, stop using those techniques today.  Nothing has more impact on your current and future profitability and competitive edge than your people.  Pick one ‘No’ question and spend the next six weeks getting it to a ‘Yes’.  It is that important.

“That which cost little is less valued.” Cervantes